Tropical lightroom presets and lightroom mobile presets free download

Download free lightroom mobile presets tropical free Dng + xmp camera raw preset for lightroom pc and photoshop.

This Tropical lightroom mobile presets, inspired by those dreamy and soft colorful Instagram feeds you see on daily bases while using Instagram app.

Providing DNG + XMP of the tropical lightroom presets for lightroom mobile app and lightroom desktop. Xmp file works only with newer versions of lightroom software. So if your using older versions of lightroom you can simply install dng lightroom mobile presets in light room's older versions.

How To install moody look ACR (XMP) presets in Photoshop?

Frist download the presets from link below and then go to downloaded location files and place them in the following location:
Mac(user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw /Settings
Win (user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings

dropbox Download : xmp

Added some auqa and yellowish tone to this presets that gives your pictures more tropical vibes which looks great on pictures.

Gdrive xmp : click here 

 How to use lightroom mobile presets?
frist download this Lightroom mobile preset
download the lightroom app from play store / app store
sign up or log in with lightroom app
go to the file manager / download section / long press on preset (.dng file) / share with lightroom app
open the preset and click on (right hand side three dots)
copy settings / and paste on your pictures
thats it.

In this tropical lightroom mobile presets we focused more to the natural lighting because of most of the time we adding more lighting and its not working for most of people as I received massages from you.
dropbox Download dng : DNG

Download this tropical lightroom mobile presets and lightroom presets and make beautiful pictures and share with us.

Gdrive download DNG : click here

Tropical lightroom presets gives you that fascinating look which takes your Instagram game upto to the Next Level. Specifically when you are start using thus presets on regular bases you will see some interesting effects ( results).

Quick tip : after applying this Adobe lightroom preset you may have to adjust some basic settings(highlight, shadow, black and white) including some of the basic colors. i prefer to adjut the aqua and green tone of the presets it will looks prefect.

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