Moody orange lightroom mobile presets free download

Download primium Moody orange lightroom mobile presets for creating amazing memories through your photos.

Moody orange lightroom mobile presets free download

Providing 2 DNG for lightroom mobile and 4 XMP Adobe camera raw for desktop lightroom presets also photoshop action for transforming your pictures.

Make your portrait pictures more attractive using moody orange lightroom presets this presets definitely help to you get the difference tone and vibe in your images.
Gdrive xmp : Download 

dropbox Xmp zip : download 

How To install moody look ACR presets in Photoshop?

Frist download the presets from link below and then go to downloaded location files and place them in the following location:

Mac(user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw /Settings
Win (user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings

Moody orange lightroom mobile presets free download

How to use moody lightroom mobile presets?

frist download this Lightroom mobile preset
download the lightroom app by clicking here
sign up or log in with lightroom app
go to the file manager / download section / long press on preset (.dng file) / share with lightroom app
open the preset and click on (right hand side three dots)
copy settings / and paste on your pictures
thats it.

DROPBOX DNG 1 : Download 

Gdrive download DNG 1 : Download 

Moody orange lightroom mobile presets free download

I'm using this moody orange lightroom presets on portrait / landscape images. it gives you moody dark and orange kind a look to images, it just because of I desaturated all colors (values in negative) and it's little bit faded mixed up between blue-aqua color tone. after all, at the end it looks primium.

DROPBOX DNG 2 : Download 

Gdrive download DNG 2 : Download 

Whenever we take pictures in our iPhones, you guys know the iPhones and iPhone 11 taking some really awesome pictures and I have tryed some pictures with this moody orange lightroom mobile presets. It feels so primium and professional.

Download this moody orange lightroom presets for free use it and let me know how its working for you and all in the comments section.

Quick tip : after applying this Adobe lightroom preset you may have to adjust some basic settings(highlight, shadow, black and white) including some of the mix colors. i prefer adjust yellow and orange colors in mix .

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