Download yellowish aqua tone lightroom mobile presets | Lightroom presets

Hey guys today we are going to giving you primium looking yellowish aqua tone lightroom mobile presets + lightroom presets for lightroom desktop.

Yellowish aqua lightroom mobile presets is just mind blowing preset. I was wonder that i made this beast lightroom mobile preset. Its work on all kinds of pictures.

I'm Not only providing lightroom mobile presets also you guys getting camera raw presets for photoshop and lightroom cc desktop. Ita ACR file format that works with all types of devices leaving iphones.
How To install ACR presets in Photoshop?
Frist download the presets from link below and then go to downloaded location files and place them in the following location:

• Mac(user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw /Settings
• Win (user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings

Its easy and simple way to use Adobe camera raw presets and lightroom presets.
I have edited this yellowish aqua tones camera raw files for you guys so make sure whenever you use it. Do some changes in basic light and curve tool and colors.
Camera raw
Download click here

I never tried this types presets before but, you know that each and every day am having new stuff for you. Basically i was editing one of my clients pictures and she had a great sunset pictures and this presets looking dope on she pictures and she liked so much. So i thought let shear with you. Lightroom mobile presets
Download click here

Gdrive download DNG : Download
If you guys have a creative mind so guys take some pictures in the early morning. when sun appear in the trees and shadow is quiet dark. Yellowish aqua effect looks pretty freaking sick.

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