Download extreme teal and orange lightroom mobile preset | lightroom presets

Download extreme teal and orange lightroom mobile preset | lightroom presets

Hey beautiful people who ever waiting for this extremely beautiful lightroom mobile presets. This extreme teal looks freaking sick when you apply on any picture.

I also giving you camera raw presets for desktop that way you guys can easily use it. I made xmp format for that make cheak out that. Downloading link below.

Extreme teal and orange lightroom presets made for all types of mood and conditions but i prefer for Rainforest pictures best for this preset. If you guys want to use on other photos of course you can use it. I'm telling you beach and coconut trees and summer vibes for that this preset also helps really well. Download this Lightroom mobile preset

How To install ACR presets in Photoshop?
please download and unzip the presets you downloaded from us and place them in the following location:

• Mac(user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw /Settings
• Win (user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings

This presets focuses on extremely teal tones. A perfect set to achieve that moody cinematic footage look. Favourite set for travel bloggers!
Camera raw presets
Click here
Lightroom mobile presets
Click here

My Lightroom mobile presets is free to use what ever you want to do with it. And if you're using for commercial purpose then give me credit in the discription as well, otherwise mention me there. And yeah you can use it for editing your clients pictures.

Hope you guys like this presets but still if you have any questions please feel free to ask in comment section. 

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