Download moody lightroom presets | Lightroom mobile presets

Hey guys download moody lightroom presets and lightroom mobile presets.

This preset help you to create and achieve that moody look you see on Instagram Influencers photos.

As you guys know i allredy made this types of presets before but this one is special because this moody tone works really amazing with camera filters. I have personally tried lots of time that work awesome.

Before you download this presets i have to let you know when ever you use it do some changes in vignette effect and tone curve. These are the only tool effect well on your photos.

I gave you moody gray and moody green, moody brown, coffee tone, moody dark tone all these tones looks pretty well but the problem is when you trying this presets on sunny photos pictures allways get sucks.
 But this moody tone help you to make it more attractive and beautiful.
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Gdrive download DNG : Download
How To install ACR presets in Photoshop?
please download and unzip the presets you downloaded from us and place them in the following location:

• Mac(user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw /Settings
• Win (user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings

Here you download the camera raw free preset.
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This preset focuses on cold blue and faded tone best preset for editing holiday and travel photos. It has some kind of a desaturated look but its looks dope when see final image.

Hope you guys like this presets make sure comments down below and shear your thoughts and recommendations.

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