Download free lightroom mobile presets | moody rose gold preset

Hey guys today we are going to giving you the best moody rose gold lightroom mobile presets. That's helps you to achieve moody rose gold effect on photos
I now so many viewers recommended me to make some moody lightroom mobile presets so here we go i made moody rose gold lightroom mobile presets for free.

This moody lightroom mobile preset works well on every image when you have sky in your picture you will se some green effects as well its looks fabulous and if you have dark pictures its gives you nice moody effect.

This preset only for mobile I'll update link for lightroom pc
Really soon.
Moody rose gold
I know I'm not uploading from last few days now I'm back.
Now you guys get regular content for free you should try it. And make sure what kinds of presets you guys want in the next tutorials.

Download DNGClick here

Gdrive download DNG : Download
Once you guys apply this preset on your photos you will non of tool used in the lightroom mobile app. So my recommendation is start from basic tools redit it again. And see the results 

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