Desaturated matte effect in lightroom mobile | lightroom presets

Desaturated matte effect in lightroom mobile | lightroom presets

I knwo you guys looking some desaturated effects and after some hrs I got this beautiful desaturated matte lightroom mobile presets.

This is really amazing lightroom mobile preset do not go with there thumbnail coz it's lot more change than the real effect you getting with that preset.

As you can see guys this desaturated lightroom mobile preset look some kind of orange gives that type of texture all leaving that tone you will see all colors desaturated.

I'm not using this preset regular but some times it's beast I made 3/4 pictures with this Lightroom mobile preset but the quality is very good and pictures looks great and beautiful.

Click here

This desaturated lightroom presets for mobile I have lightroom presets for pc but most of my friends like you not prefer it's take time to use lightroom dekspot. So if you want then let me know.

In upcoming days you will get more lightroom mobile presets like this videos will be coming soon stay tuned for that. 

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