Lightroom mobile preset free download | desaturated matte effect in lightroom

Lightroom mobile preset free download | desaturated matte effect in lightroom 

Hello Today I'm going to giving you my premium desaturated matte lightroom mobile preset it's free and you can use anywhere you want.

I called its desaturated matte but you can say it what ever you want. (lol) but actually I like the effects very much and that's why I thought let's share it with you.

I'm making some interesting stuff for you guys thats the reason videos getting late. Now it's done but I'm adding more value in it.

This particular Lightroom mobile preset looks black and white but it's not black and white it's gives you kind a orange and matte effect if I use different different lightroom profiles then its perform differently.

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4.3.1 apk update on head if you guys looking for mod then I'll give you the link of mod apk. If you really want let me know in the comments section. I'll try my best to give you best results

In the lightroom app you can see whenever you're creating preset for upcoming pictures you get that options call create preset in that get more options and each option has there some settings I tryed some experiments with it. It's working well tell you more about that in upcoming lightroom presets tutorials.

If you are using this desaturated matte effect on dark pictures its not working well on it. I'm using this preset on medium and bright picture it's giving you idea about how to use features as I want.
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This free lightroom mobile preset is free and I'm sure you guys loving it. My motive behind giving you this preset because I know you guys don't Want waste time and I'm want save your time. 

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