Free Lightroom mobile presets | butterfly wing concept photo editing

Free Lightroom mobile presets | butterfly wing concept photo editing 


Hey what's up guys, today I'm super excited to give you the one and only best black matte free lightroom mobile presets. And also as you can see in the thumbnail there is wing shown here so will get that wing png to.

You will get many photo editing tutorial on YouTube about wings photo editing but no one made butterfly wing concept photo editing. So I decided to make tutorial on it. And as you know every time I'm trying to making something new creative concepts.

Guys this was really amazing Lightroom mobile preset I'm using this preset from last 2 months and believe me it's beast preset. This particular lightroom mobile preset work very well on each and every picture.

This preset gives you kind balck matte effect on medium light photos and guys I'm recommending you whenever you apply the settings on your pictures Do one thing, adjust the vignette and use the mix tool and adjust the orange color little bit.
Png : click here
I'm using ps cc apk which is available for Android and iPhone but unfortunately it's not available on both stores you can download it from our site just search for ps touch you will get the article link.
In this particular photo editing tutorial as you can see The contrast of the pics looks quite good and the butterfly wing looks sick just be I was added some light and blurry effect on it.
Click here

Upcoming tutorial I'm trying to give you some unseen and interesting lightroom mobile presets so stay tuned for that. And you can enter your email address and name you will get directly email on your email box. If you didn't receive any free preset email from me then don't worry my service not started yet it will be start when you feel your details.

I hope you like the preset and png more amazing lightroom mobile presets and concept coming so stay tuned for that.

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