Free Lightroom mobile preset | teal and orange Instagram filter

Free Lightroom mobile preset | teal and orange Instagram filter

So many people asking me to make a video on Instagram filters and teal and orange. Finally, here we go today I'm going to giving you my best free Lightroom mobile preset.

Teal and orange are really amazing Lightroom mobile preset last year and also this year. this is one of the best effects on trending right now. As you can see The pictures shown in the thumbnail I was retouched using this amazing Lightroom mobile preset.

Believe me, guys once you did the presets you gonna love it. The interesting part of the preset is once you paste the settings on your pictures. See the colors and the effects looks pretty good.

I have some extra tips for you guys whenever you want to use this beautiful Lightroom mobile preset. Try to use natural photos because the presets not working well on highlighted images and also on dark light images.

Whenever you guys using Instagram filters in that app you can see The effects not giving that much attention you have. I'm not saying it's bad but I'm highly recommending you use lightroom app and also use lightroom presets for retouching your pics.

This particular lightroom preset made for normal low light and natural pictures editing. You will get teal soft effects and dark orange color in this Lightroom mobile preset. Teal and orange type filter available in Instagram app also you can manually retocuh your pics in it.
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How to get the attractive effect using this Lightroom mobile preset so basically what you have to do is retouch your picture again after applying the presets that the only way you can get attractive effect.

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