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Urban desaturated lightroom presets 


So, friends, I give you urban desaturated Lightroom presets for mobile. These Lightroom mobile presets are very amazing. With the help of these presets, you can fully enhance your photos.

How to make urban desaturated tone On this topic you will find a lot of videos on YouTube. But urban desaturated lightroom mobile presets will rarely be available. Very few creators have made videos on it.

So now let's talk about how to make proper urban desaturated tone using Lightroom app.

The main color tool is used when creating this type of tone in the Lightroom mobile app. You can make this tone by adjusting the saturation and vibrance of the COLORS in your photo. Similarly, some colors in your photo can be used by using the HSL panel.
  Creating a tone made of urban desaturated is a big deal of clarity in the Lightroom. Similarly, the curve tool is used when creating a tone in the Lightroom app.

Very high contrast will appear in the urban desaturated tone lightroom. You will also get dark and cold effects. You can make the effects as you like.
You can easily see this type of tone on social media too. Especially on Instagram, many bloggers are uploading photos using this tone. You can also make such a tone and share your picture on social media.
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 Friends, this style is very popular on Instagram that you will see lots of new posts on the urban street, urban photography, urban food, and urban hashtags.

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