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Lightroom mobile presets + background download 

I want to tell you that in this tutorial, I have used Lightroom Mobile preset.And Lightroom profile is a big roll in this preset. And friends, you can use this preset on your low light photos.

So friends, I have created Background change tutorial for a long time. I was thinking and today I made this tutorial with the help of ps touch and the lightroom app.

Many days I have created a video using the ps touch app. Because I was getting too many requests from you. And today I had a polar mood on YouTube that got lots of votes for Lightroom and ps touch apps. Friends, I will try. Certain combinations and Background changes in the coming video will definitely bring you to photo editing tutorial.
I have used the Lightroom profile in this Lightroom Mobile Presets so that you can see when you watch a video. I have used the profile in the last layer. And friends, if you have used my preset before, you will get an idea. This type of Lightroom Mobile preset I have already given you.

Background : click here

Friends, do not forget to tell me about this type of backgrounds and background change photo editing tutorial. If you have such Background, then I will give you a background stock in the coming video. Subscribe me for that. If you want to download such a background click here.
Preset : click here
Lightroom mobile presets for android and iPhone users

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