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Moody red lightroom mobile preset 

This is a lightroom presets for low light photos. And I made Moody red lightroom mobile preset for free to download many photographers taking low light photos so that's why I made this one lightroom presets.
Before this I have given you lightroom presets to edit low light photo.And now Moody red lightroom mobile preset is available.
Friends, this kind of lightroom presets work well on low light photos only. And in this particular lightroom presets, I forget to reduce the amount of green color saturation, if you reduce it then your picture will have the same effect in my picture.

If you are using Moody red lightroom mobile preset, remember that your photo should have a color that has red color. So you can make the effects you want. Recently Adobe photoshop Lightroom cc crossed 10 million plus download. And this is a very good message people are using the lightroom app for a great deal.


In this Moody red lightroom presets you can see only the saturation of the red color. The remaining saturation of all the colors is zero or in -. This seems to be a full dark tone in the photos due to this. I have used green curve tone dark side. So, we get the oody red tone in the index.
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