Instagram overlay photo editing using lightroom mobile +ps touch

Lightroom mobile tutorial

So today I'm going to say a new photo editing again. Latest Instagram overlay photo editing using lightroom mobile + ps touch.

  First of all, open your Instagram account. Go to your post and click on the screenshot. Open in the ps touch application and save it to png format. But friends, I have given you an example of the instagram overlay pack I used as an example below. You can download and use it after reading it.
   Open the pic you want to edit in the ps touch. Then add it to instagram overlay. Other friends, I have given you instagram like button png in the Instagram overlay pack. You can adjust that png to the top layer of y our photo. And crop the end photo properly. And open in the lightroom mobile application.
  Lightroom mobile You can do some of the settings you want. I have adjusted the tool as the edit pic has more use of orange color and the other color is sharp and not dark in the picture.
   Friends, if you do not have ps touch application working in your mobile phone. So you can use the picsart app. I Gass 90% people know how to use picasrt app. You know how picasrt applications are used. But then you will tell you for your information. Your photo is open in Picasrt app. You can click on add photo and select Instagram overlay like button png. And at the top of the end of the application, get the erase tool, click on it Remove extra part. Then open you photo in lightroom mobile app and retouch it properly.
Let's talk about how you can make your own png's
  So friends PNG is so easy to see and it is also difficult. First of all, I will recommend you to friends. I wrote a couple days ago that you had given information about the best background websites in an article. You can read this article by following this lin

Some websites I've told you. By visiting those websites, you can download a lot of sharing backgrounds, png. You can get different types of pngs on these websites. You can also use them too. But you are making your own png. So you can edit the downloaded png and create your own png. This trick is using too much editors. I personally also use this trick.
  If you are editing a concept and you do not find png on that topic. So you can make your own png.
Download stock : click here 

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