100 best lightroom mobile presets free Download-HM-CREATION

100 best lightroom mobile presets free download

Frist, I will tell you know more about lightroom mobile update then show you how to download 100 best Lightroom mobile presets free then how you can create lightroom mobile preset in the lightroom cc app and then how to save it use it in lightroom cc application.

1) Lightroom mobile update ( learn more) 
Friends, lightroom cc mobile application was updated a little over a month ago in the lightroom mobile app and in that update, Adobe has announced that you can use presets in the lightroom mobile right now. Friends, you can use lightroom cc and lightroom classic cc as presets on your desktop and use lightroom mobile. Not only this, you can create presets in this lightroom cc mobile update. And you can save it as a preset in a lightroom mobile.

2)How to download lightroom mobile presets 
So friends, first I have provided you a download button below this article. After clicking on it, you will see lots of lightroom mobile presets in front of you and download whatever you want. I request you to read this article before you download it. I will share some tips and tricks in it. I can assure you that if you follow these tips and tricks you can retouch photos very well.

3)How you can create lightroom mobile presets in lightroom cc mobile .
Friends, you can create preset by using the previously edited photos in the lightroom mobile. Otherwise you can select a photo and edit the photo and create it's preset.
So now I'm explaining you in brief how you can do that.

Follow the screenshots that are shown below
1) Click the three dot that appears in the screenshot

2)At that end you will see some options. In it, you can see the histogram of your photo, delete the photo, view the information related to the photo, and at the bottom you can see the option to save the photo. To create presets, we have to click on create preset option.

3) After clicking, you will see a number of presets of groups that look like color, creative, b and w, cruve, grain, sharpning, such a group. If you want, you can save your presets in it. But I do not recommend it to you, you may have to struggle to find the presets made by you. So you click on create a new presets group.

4) Now a new page has opened in front of you, it looks like a screenshot below. You can select your presets by giving it a nice name and selecting it, select the teak on the top right and save it by preset.

5)Friends, you can apply your photo from the lightroom mobile presets that appear in the presets tool.

Friends, if you want to know how to use lightroom mobile presets dng files. You can read the information by clicking the button below.

Now friends will share some lightroom mobile tips and tricks with you. So if you use this you can definitely edit nice pictures.

1)  Friends, you should remember some things while editing pic. For example, if you add a photo editor to the lightroom cc, you should start editing from all the light tools. Recently in the lightroom cc auto tool is added, in which you have light adjusted in the Pic in one click. Friends is a basic trick but it is very important.
2)  It is important to focus on how to properly use every tool while editing photos. And while doing so you should pay attention to your photo. How your photo is grading.
3)  A very important tip You guys are thinking of me like that how do you get Smoothness on the skin. friend's If you want to edit your skin like smooth skin, then go to the Details tool and use three tools like sharpning, noise reduction, color noise. You'll get sleek like my pic's.
4)Use the last guys guys cruve tool for photo editing. You will get a great result. If you want to know more about the cruve tool, you can get it on YouTube by going to YouTube

Download free 100 best lightroom mobile presets

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