Top 10+ Lightroom mobile presets | lightroom mobile new update | what's new!

Top 10+ Lightroom mobile presets | lightroom mobile update | what's new!

Top 10+ Lightroom mobile presets for editing, guide how to use lightroom mobile presets and lightroom mobile update what's new! 


So friends, in this article I will give top 10+ lightroom mobile presets for editing. You can edit photos in one click by using these presets that's pretty cool. And secondly lightroom mobile 4.3.1 update has come to you. I will give you some information in this regard.
  I have received a lot of requests that the brothers give presets of lightroom mobile. So today I'm going to give you top 10+ lightroom mobile presets. If you use it and edit your photos in one click. Then I complete the requests you have made. And I'm so glad you met me like friends.

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Learn more about lightroom mobile presets and how to use

First of all, I am providing you the download of lightroom mobile presets. You can find the link at the bottom of this article, by downloading it and extracting that file. You get lightroom mobile presets, it will be in dng format. You will be seen in an unacceptable form. Now you can turn on the lightroom mobile app. Click on Add photo option. Now click on the three dot you see below and click on the photos option.

Only you can see lightroom mobile raw sync presets. You add them open and Go to the menu that you want to save the photo and click on the Copy Settings option.

 After setting copy, you can go back and open the photo you want to edit. And paste it into the photo that was copied.

Your photo will be edited after pasting the setting. Friends, keep in mind that if you want to make some changes in your edited photos you can.

Friends Adobe photoshop lightroom cc best photo edit app in case you guys compare picsart and lightroom mobile apps you are a great fool ( lol ) It's my personal opinion

This way you can edit your photos in one click. Top 10 lightroom mobile presets

Lightroom mobile 4.5 update 

In the last two updates of Lightroom mobile, the Adobe lightroom cc brings a number of new features to the mobile application. All of these features are available on desktop. Considering that it is too much time for a pic retouching reason. Adobe should have given new features in the lightroom cc mobile. I personally believe it. In lightroom cc mobile update of 4.5 he introduced the feature of lightroom mobile presets. In it you can synchronize the presets on the desktop and make a dng file and use them in the lightroom mobile. You can also save retouch pics that have default settings in presets. And now Adobe has given you another interesting tool in this new update. You can adjust the light in your photo in one click. If you are learning retouching, then this tool will be of great benefit to you. Through this you can see the adjusted light in your photos.
  lightroom mobile 4.5 update has arrived. If you want to download to me then I have provided the link below. You can download it. 
So the question is whether the new one came in.
  Lens correction will show you the best in this tool right now. And now you can find a tool called chromatic aberrations (CA) in it and you can manually adjust it.
  In this update, you will see the Pause and Resume synchronization within the cloud status tab
 A new technology has been added to Adobe Photoshop lightroom cc. (Adobe Sensei smarts to select the photos, the fastest and easily) you will see in such a line update.
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Lightroom mobile presets updated

Visit the above link and get letest lightroom mobile presets 

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