How to edit smoke bomb using PS touch & lightroom mobile

How to edit smoke bomb using PS touch & lightroom mobile

What's guys, So today I'm gonna telling you how to edit smoke bomb photo editing tutorial. And In this Tutorial I'M Using 2 Applications First One IS PS Touch and second one is lightroom mobile. Ps touch and lightroom mobile best photo editing apps for Android 

So guys many people asking about smoke bomb photo editing tutorial. Then I decided to make a tutorial on that.
You need to also watch video on YouTube.

NOTE : First of all you should have a clickable Photo like this

The first thing you want to edit is to create a png. So make a crop. For that, add your photo to PS touch and crop it by eraser. Turn it into png format and start the application again. And at the end of the article I have a background heart. Add it.

Then add your png
Click on plus button all shown in the picture (follow the process) 

Take the process given in the photo below.

You can erase your photo different different angle. As shown in the following photographs:

After that save photo and open in lightroom mobile

  You want to color grading in the Lightroom mobile application. For this you have to import photos in the lightroom mobile app. And want to start with basic light adjustment when starting photo editing. I have given you information about how to adjust light in the lightroom mobile and adjust it as you want. Still I will tell you some steps.
   Use the first step basic to color grading the colors in the photo. Then use white balance tools in the photo. In the next step, adjust the Effect tool according to what you want. If you follow the steps, of course you can edit the photos well.

There is a complete process in the PS touch app. Now open the lightroom mobile app

   Lightroom mobile basic tips and tricks were given to you in previous articles. mobile basic tips and tricks were given to you in previous articles.
  If you are using a background i used, then friends can follow the process below.

I do not have to make much changes in this pic because the color of shirt and background color is almost the same. And light in this pic is adjustable. So I did not have to use the light tool. So, I went to Color tool first of all, adjusted the color of the temperature and tint as well as adjust the vibrance and saturation. At that end I went to effect tool and made clearity 30+ and vignette-15. Friends, this setting's Screenshot is not removed. Because all this setting lets you adjust on the basis of your pic. And when you do that, before you use the light tool. That endor can now accommodate a lot of things in the detail tool. But I recommend you 3 settings. The first sharpning second noise reduction is to make the third color noise setting as this setting will increase the clarity of the photo. If your face is too dark and if you want to make it bright and attractive then you can go to the selective tool and point it one point. And now the part you want to brighten. Darken the part using that brush tool. And open the light tool in it. In this case, if you increase the exposure value then that part will be bright. To maintain that, you need to increase the shadow value by 30/40 percent. If you want to make some changes in this end, you can.
Adjust the same colors while using the Curve tool. Due to this you will not need to work more. And you can edit it as you want.

Last tip is While you editing photos, do the same like serial process like I use

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