Lightroom mobile and PS touch background change editing tutorial

Lightroom mobile and PS touch background change editing tutorial

Friends, I will teach you to change background using the PS Touch and Lightroom Mobile.

First of all we will be using PS touch application. After adding Background, add crop to the png format of the pose you want.

Add Photo brush and color grading as per your convenience. You can see videos on youtube for more.

Make like this 

I will let you know in the context of proper shadow in the coming article.

After that save photo in your gallery and open in lightroom mobile app 

Starting with Lightroom mobile, you start with basic light adjustment first. I have already given information about this. You can check previous posts to know about it. I have shown you the used editing tool in the context of this editng.

In this editing I have made the color grading as well as effects when screen shoots have been shorn with you.

It shows you the use of color grading as well as effects, split toning, and so on. I did not use green color in it because the existence of that color does not appear in this photo. In this photo I have leaned more towards blue color. When adjusting the blur color you need to adjust the color near it. Color grading has given rise to clarity and dehaze in the underlying effects. Also the vignette amount is reduced.

     As said in the magazine, I have given much thought to blue color. Blue color helps in giving a beautiful look to the photo.

NOTE : Noise reduction and sharpness can adjust to your method.
At the end of editing we want to use a very popular tool in the lightroom mobile app. Curve tool is the best tool. Using this tool, we can make faded effects your photo attractive. And while using the curve tool you should always remember some things. The upper part of the tool is bright, the lower part bends towards dark, so you want to use this tool according to the photo's moody look.
   Lots of photo editors prefer faded look. Feded look brings specialty to the photo. At the end of the photo editing, I think you should use this too

How to erase background 
In this tutorial, I have erased the background by using the ps touch. Friends, you can erase the background by selecting the Direct Erase tool but this process takes a very long time. I'm going to tell you my background technique in which you can easily erase the background. First of all, I added the photo in ps touch and in the left hand side tool I selected the quick selection tool and its opacity, size, flow, dark is adjusted. Friends, this setting lets me put 100+. Place the end of the part that you want. After selecting it, click on the pencil tool. Select it in the feather. Its opacity looks like 10%. You keep it 1 or 2. Save that end to that setting. Again click on the pencil tool. And now click on the refine edge ya tool. Suppose your hair is flying in your photo and they want to properly erase them. So you can erase with the help of this tool. You can do much less tool cheek opacity for proper erase. After this you will see that your pic clear erase. Friends, if you still see an extra part in your photo, then select the erase tool in the left hand side tool bar, adjust its setting and remove the extra part. You can better remove the background if you follow these steps.
Download the baground 

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