Lightroom app basic | how to adjust light in lightroom mobile

Lightroom app basic | how to adjust light in lightroom mobile

 How to reduce or decrease the high light containing the photo in the lightroom mobile.

Basically in this article, I am teaching you basic editing in the lightroom mobile. Light and shadow, how to adjust it.

If you import photos in the lightroom app then you have to use light tool. Any editor adjusts the light in the photo while editing. You should know this information. If you have a low light in your photo now, then the first note is that you keep exposure greater than +0.10. Now let me tell you how to reduce the light in the photo. In this case you have to keep exposure below -0.10 or so. You will be seen in the following screen shot.

The second step is the highlights guys that always reduces the highlight when you edit the photo. Advantages of this makes the photo too much in retouching. You should try to keep this low on adjusting the highlight. Highlighting will decrease the light that appears in the photo. On the other hand, if your photo is light ollreday low, highlight - should be reduced to 25, so that the photo looks attractive and the subject is up.

 If the light in the photo is too low, the shadows' character is too big. In this case the shadow is low in my photo so I have kept the shadow up to 15. Yes but if the light is low then the shadows can grow up to 25+. But make sure you adjust it as you like.

   Finally, three tools remain. Black and white, contrast You want to adjust it as highlight and shadows. White light decreases with black light, so that the object in the photo will be clear.

Last step 

Final step I do to increase the contrast. I would always recommend you +25 contrast because the photo looks very beautiful in this condition. If you are still growing then the photo will look a bit darker. So I recommend this to you. Friends, this is a basic edit, if you follow this step then you can edit some good pictures in some way.
Download png : click here 

This was the adjustment of the light tool in the lightroom mobile. If you want to use other applications you can. Keep in mind one thing while using other applications. You have to get a guide in this context. So below, I have given you one reference related to an application, if you think so, you can use it.

Adjust light in PS touch
   Friends, as you know, I use the application of ps touch and lightroom mobile, so I want to tell you how to adjust the light in the photo in the ps touch application right now.
First of all, you can select a pictures. And open it in ps touch application. Now in this application you will get lots of advanced features to adjust the light. And you might be uncomfortable because you find it a bit difficult. You just follow my instruction. As you know, first of all, we're adjusting the highlight. Click on the highlight tool. And in this you will see 4 options. Light Another highlight is the third shadow and the fourth dark. Use only the highlight and shadows tools. Just like what we did in the lightroom mobile. You can use that contrast contrast and the tools you want to use. You will not get any kind of auto adjustment in it, you can retouching it in your creativity

  So guys, this is a basic article. You can say a very important step in photo editing. Please follow all the steps once and see if you can edit beautiful photo

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