Types of photo editing


So friends, today I can see how you can edit photos by editing the types of photo editing.

 So friends have a lot of photo editing types. However, I will give you some specific types of information. These types are of different categories. In order to edit certain types of it you need to get different applications. And if you are editing the same type of desktop, then friends can do it in photoshop software.

 NOTE: - The following kind of editing you can do with the help of lightroom mobile.

 The types of photo editing are as follows :
1) color grading
2) color correction
3) portrait
4) B&W
5) Brandon weofel

 I have mentioned the names of some of these types of editing types. But there are other types of editing. They will tell you in the new articles coming to you. So now I will briefly summarize all the editing types.
1) color grading :-
 Color grading is a very easy kind of editing. You need a lightroom mobile application application for this particular editing. And a photo in which you want to color grading. In this case you only have to fill the color in the photo. For example, if you have a green in your photo, it's too low. Then you can increase the color chi priority with the help of lightroom mobile application.

2) color correction :-
 There is nothing different in this type of color correction. If the color in your photo is destroyed, then you are going to use this editing type to cover them. And you also want to edit this with the help of the lightroom mobile application. In it you can look at the photos attractive and beautiful. If you do not have a color split in your photo, you can use this editor.

3) portrait :-
 Portrait mode is my favorite editing type. In it you have to focus on the beauty of the model in the photo and focus on editing. Ignore things around the model and give the model a nice look. While editing this type, we want to add and edit any of our advanced tricks by consulting the model. In Portrait mode, it is important to emphasize very little things.

4)B&W :-
The editing junk named B & W is hidden. Black and white editing Nowadays this trend of editing has not remained. But on social media you can see this type of edit. In this editng you have to keep a lot of attention in the light and dark in the photo. Due to the dark partng of editng, the photo has to be clicked with a lot of attention while photograph is completely black. You get B & W presets in Lightroom mobile. So you can call this edit as one click edit.

5) Brandon weofel :-This is not a new one but because of the trend you can call it new edit. For this type of editing, you have to do phtoshoot after seeing the darkness or the night. And when using php, a strip light is used. These nice pictures click in the editng. So, I recommend you to editng this once. In this editng you can make png effects attractive.

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