Lightroom mobile letest mod apk full unlocked version

Lightroom mobile letest mod apk full unlocked version 

It's trending so much hot news right now. Like pubg mobile as well as pubg . It's been the lightroom mobile app new update. Available on Google Play Store and App Store. And the discussion has been on social media since the last two to three days. Finally, Adobe officially updated Adobe photoshop lightroom cc app A new update is launched. Adobe has introduced an app by adding new features to it.

 Very interesting features are available in this new update.

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What's new in lightroom mobile update?? 


Create presets & mange
:- For the first time, we will talk about this topic on the sync presets & profiles. Because many people are interested in it. You can make your own custom presets right now. And save them by renting a new custom name. You can also apply them on another photo. You can save your favorite presets design. And you can upload via Adobe's cloud on your desktop or tablet through cloud base. And they can manage them in different groups. Favorite edits are a great feature to save easily. I think so Personally, this feature is very much like.

Healing brush :- Healing features have come with new features. In it you can delete the defects or unnecessary objects in your photo from the photo. For example, if you are standing near a wall and there is a small break in the wall, then you can break it with the help of this tool. But one should remember that the second space is to choose from the same space as the unwanted object. That means you have to take that textur away and pick up an object on the other side. You will have to work a bit. Because you will have time to cover the world. With this help you can make black stains on your skin disappear. Similarly you can remove the faults in your photos. Or delete objects.

    There are two other features. Guided tutorials for only Phone users but I think this feature should have come back to earlier updates. And the second is expanded HDR support.
    Friends, I personally feel that guided tutorials should have come to the previous updates of lightroom mobile. Because there are so many friends that they can not use the lightroom mobile app properly. Because they just remember that this toolchach should be used. Ok, but I personally recommend Photo editing tutorial, you learn something new from it. I am doing a new experiment. From it you can learn some new technique.
   Expanded HDR support is not available for all Smartphones. Because it's still in beta testing. Its testing is pending. You will get to see this as soon as possible. This mode will lunch only the device that is capable of the device. You will not notice this feature
There are too many changes in this update. If you go to the settings, then you get the data management feature, as well as know about changes in this update and new features. If you are using desktop, then you have been instructed in this guide. I think the new update will come in. Friends, if you add a camera raw filter tool to adobe, then lightroom cc mobile will be one of the best retouching apps.

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