Adobe photoshop Lightroom cc 4.3.1 download | how to use lightroom mobile

Adobe photoshop Lightroom cc 4.4 download |How to use Lightroom mobile

Hello guys in this article I'm explaining you how to use lightroom mobile properly and download adobe photoshop lightroom cc 4.4


Couple days ago Adobe launched Adobe photoshop lightroom cc application for Android and ios both off devices. You can download it from play store either app store. Lightroom mobile is the best application for retouching your photos like pro quality this app gives you best tools to retouch your photos in easy way.

DOWNLOAD : click here 

How you can use it lightroom mobile.

 Many people only downloading it. And they trying to use it but they don't know how to use. So guys don't worry in this article I'm trying to give my best to explain you how you can use lightroom mobile 4.3.1app on your Android device.

Frist thing you wanna do download the app on your smartphone /tablet When you download app then sign in with Google /Facebook otherwise you have 3rd option to create Adobe ID it's not complicated you can make it easily. Then application start it.

 NOTE : I'm going to tell you the same thing that you have to be accou.

it's really easy to add photos otherwise you can click some pictures with help off Adobe Lightroom camera this camera gives you extra ordinary options to click pictures like DSLR. So guys I just assume That you added a photo right now you want to press once you make it. After that you have a different window in front of you most in front of you. But we want to make photos and attractive photos with some countless tools. Since we are going to use some of the following measures and these people use the same tools, then friends will be using the Litert Tool to make you a photo and you need to remember that every time you are doing this light device from this light tool.

 So friends have got you some unique tools in this Tool
first option is Exposure second one contrast third is highlights then shadow, white and black. In this tool, you can do the light lower in your photos and bring photos to the same light. Use the most good tools to make the best.
In this tool maximum Highlight is - 100 something decide in your angle. And also white. Shadow and black make sure in + something.

 In other means you see the four tools in front of it. In It Temp /Tint /vibrance /saturation and in the right hand upper corner seen mix option when you click on that Nuts you will have different colors in it. And as you can see there one color each color three options first one Hue second is saturation for color and third is luminous adjust it as you want.

In this tool much more heavy tool there like clarity, dehaze, vignettes, grain, special and my favorite tool split tonning is in it. In upper side small option and you can manage exctra highlight and shadow and balance it. Make sure guys you do some effort and learn it each tool how react on your photo I'm preety sure you get surprises for each tool.

DETAILS : lightroom mobile updated on couple days ago and in this update changed some thing like this new tool added but some feature is old and some new. As you know I'm sure. So guys this tool best tools is noise reduction second one contrast, color noise, I'm using those tool in my each and every photo creation. And I'm suggesting you you wanna try once time get good glossy effect on your picture.

OPTICS : in this tool Adobe Lightroom give you only one tool is a lens correction ya it's good tool but someone needs more improvement on that particular tool.

GEOMETRIC : It's a math lol guys I don't think your using this tool Because many photographers taking good pictures in good angle. I thing this tool only for quick help type tool making good pictures angle otherwise in this tool you get geometric angle you push the line as you can then picture move on that particular direction. Like horizontal, vertical, distortion, aspect, y offset, x offset, etc. One thing notice you will get extra tool on right hand upper side called constrain crop try it.

PRESETS : Adobe gives there some common presets like natural, grain, Samsung, B&W etc many people prefer that Bčoz they don't have some time they want to upload photos really quick on Social media. I'm trying to give you some presets for free for mobile and guide you how you can install it. In upcoming articles.

RESET : I don't think i have6to say anything. Everybody knows what is the use of it.

Last one is as usually some editor using IT.

 SELECTIVE TOOL : this tool not free but ya you can buy it. It's monthly subscription and use it. But many people not prefer for paid they are also use mod versions I'm not preferred you guys because If you have a virus in your phone then he was responsible for you. So this without in sayed this tool is good and best tool I'm using for couple days ago they are also giving good results. Try it.

 So friends I gave you knowing the important instrument that I will use. There are left-handed tools if you like, you can take them use.

This is picture I just edited by using lightroom mobile app this app great work pro quality work all you need to do with your pictures in lightroom Mobile

Recent lightroom mobile 4.4 updated. Everyone need that app so guys I'm gived you adobe photoshop lightroom cc 4.4 app click on the download button and download it 

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